Men with sculpted and lean chests take it for granted that they can confidently remove their shirts at the pool and while enjoying other outdoor activities. But if you have fat deposits that create the appearance of male breasts, it can be highly embarrassing to go shirtless or to wear tight-fitting clothes. This condition, called gynecomastia, is treatable, however. If you want to look and feel your best, with a contoured and masculine chest, visit Dr. Brad Stephan for gynecomastia treatment in Tampa, FL.

Minimally invasive male breast reduction options are available to meet your needs and restore your confidence. Contact Stephan Surgical Arts today to schedule a consultation!

Explaining Gynecomastia

Weight gain is not the only culprit behind the development of excess male breast tissue, though it can certainly play a part. Men with extra skin and fat in this area may notice this issue develop after puberty or with hormonal changes caused by certain medications, including steroids, and general aging. When certain hormone levels decrease during the aging process, the development of gynecomastia is more likely. These changes can occur unevenly as well, affecting one side of the chest more than the other.

Whether gynecomastia has created excess fat, skin, or enlarged and puffy areolas, Dr. Stephan provides effective treatment to help you feel confident in your appearance. 

Treatments for Excess Male Breast Tissue

Male Chest

Dr. Stephan uses power-assisted liposuction (PAL) to remove stubborn fatty deposits around the chest. This process requires only small incisions at the treatment site, and these heal very well over time – leaving little to no sign that you had a surgical procedure. With this method, Dr. Stephan creates incredible and natural results to restore a masculine appearance to the chest. Fat is broken-down and suctioned away during liposuction, leaving you with flat and lean pectorals.

Recovery from liposuction is generally well-tolerated. Patients are instructed to wear compression garments to help with swelling. Bruising and tenderness are common after treatment but normally subside after a week. Patients do not need to take a substantial time off work to complete this procedure. A day or two of rest at home is usually sufficient before returning to a job that isn’t physically demanding.

Tissue Excision for Gynecomastia

Fat removal alone works for many patients, but others with excess skin in the area or enlarged areolas may be best served with tissue excision. During this treatment, Dr. Stephan surgically removes excess tissue that is creating the appearance of full breast tissue. While this is more extensive than liposuction, this treatment provides excellent results and a natural chest appearance, with the desired shape and contour. The nipples can be reduced in size and placed higher on the chest wall as well.

If your case of male breast enlargement is extensive, Dr. Stephan may recommend both liposuction and excision. This may be the best approach to ensure patients’ desired outcomes.

Why Choose Stephan Surgical Arts for Gynecomastia Treatment?

Dr. Brad Stephan is a highly-trained Cosmetic Surgeon who completed  his surgical Fellowship with other elite Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons from Tampa, Sarasota, and Lakeland. He has substantial surgical experience since the completion of his training and understands how difficult it can be to feel your best when you’re held back by concerns about your appearance. For men, appearing to have feminine characteristics can affect body confidence and make them hesitant to wear certain clothes or engage in specific social activities.

At Stephan Surgical Arts, we are invested in your well-being. Your consultation at our Cosmetic Surgery office is a personalized meeting where you can speak with Dr. Stephan about your concerns and goals for treatment. We provide all the information patients need on both liposuction and excision, so there are no surprises going into surgery. When you work with our surgeon and team, you are in the hands of caring professionals who want to you love the way you look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Chest Liposuction

Surgery of any kind will leave scars. When treatment is performed by an experienced professional, incisions normally heal well and are barely noticeable. Scars from liposuction are smaller than those created during tissue excision. Whenever incisions are necessary, Dr. Stephan places them in the natural folds and contours of the chest, to ensure they are as inconspicuous as possible. Specific sutures, suturing techniques, and postoperative care regimens are used to minimize scarring as much as possible. Patients find that the scars do not hamper them from feeling confident or loving their results.


Patients who receive liposuction often wonder whether it will create lasting results. The short answer is yes, the effect produced by surgical fat removal is permanent. This treatment dramatically reduces the number of fat cells in the treatment area. While remaining fat cells can become enlarged with excessive weight gain, the changes are proportionate; you will no longer have the exaggerated appearance of male breasts.

Tissue excision is permanent as well. While skin elasticity changes with age and may cause some drooping, the area will remain proportionately well-contoured.

Many patients hope that liposuction alone will solve their aesthetic concerns, but this may not always be the recommended course of action. Focusing on the results is essential. If the areolas appear enlarged or elongated, or there is excess skin, excision is vital for creating the appearance you want. If liposuction alone is provided in these cases, the tissue may appear droopy, and nipple size and position will not be addressed. With Dr. Stephan’s help, you can enjoy successful surgery and a comfortable recovery.

In general, procedures that affect soft tissue and not the underlying muscle structure result in the most comfortable recovery periods. During treatment for large gynecomastia, you will receive general anesthesia, so you are completely relaxed and comfortable. The first day or two of recovery may be the most challenging, and you will have medication available to help. Tenderness at the treatment site, bruising, and swelling are expected but are significantly reduced after the first week of recovery.

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Male breast reduction options are available to meet your needs and restore your confidence. Call Stephan Surgical Arts today to schedule a consultation!

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