Everyone wants their facial skin to look young and fresh, which is why there are so many products dedicated to giving you a rejuvenated appearance – from cosmetics that camouflage flaws to night creams that promise to alleviate lines and wrinkles. For moderate to severe facial aging, however, nothing is more effective than a facelift. With a facelift in Tampa from Stephan Surgical Arts, you can look many years younger and achieve the refreshed appearance you’ve always wanted.

Get started today by learning more about your facelift options. If over-the-counter or injectable products are no longer providing the results you’re looking for it may be time to consider aesthetic surgery from our trained Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Brad Stephan, and his welcoming team.

What Can a Facelift Do for You?

Called a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a comprehensive procedure that tightens and firms aging skin. Deep lines and creases are smoothed from multiple areas of the face, and the appearance of jowls are minimized. Treatment is intricate and requires the manipulation of underlying SMAS muscles to create lasting results. While outdated facelift techniques only affected the soft tissue on the surface, tightening the muscle structure allows you to look as naturally rejuvenated as possible and helps tissue remain in place.

Benefits of a facelift include:

  • Looking younger:  A facelift often takes a decade or more off your physical appearance.
  • Feeling confident: Many patients seem older than their age due to environmental factors and feel as if their perceived age is holding them back in personal and professional atmospheres.
  • Appearing rested and approachable: Aging facial aesthetics can make you look stern and exhausted, but an uplifted appearance can change the way others interact with and approach you.

Facelifts provide unique benefits for patients’ varying needs. Your concerns and goals dictate the treatment plan our team creates for you, to match your expectations. 

The Facelift Procedure at Stephan Surgical Arts

Dr. Stephan begins the treatment process with a thorough patient consultation to better understand what you would like to gain from treatment. For many of our patients, this is a youthful appearance overall, but others have specific concerns, such as loose skin around the jawline. After providing information on what treatment can do for you, Dr. Stephan helps patients make the choices that they feel most confident in.

On the day of treatment, you will be placed under general anesthesia for comfortable completion of your procedure. Incisions are positioned within the hairline and around the ears, which are normally easily concealed after healing. 

From here, Dr. Stephan can access the SMAS muscles, which are responsible for supporting beautiful and natural results.

After adjusting the targeted muscle structure, the skin is smoothed and made naturally taught. Excess tissue is trimmed along the incision sites before the procedure is complete.

While you will recuperate from anesthesia in our office, a facelift is an outpatient procedure; overnight stays are typically not required. With the help of a loved one, family member, or nurse, you can return home the same day as your treatment.

Facelifts Compared to Injectables and Fillers

Dr. Stephan understands that aesthetic facial surgery may seem intimidating and some patients prefer the minimally-invasive route with fillers and injectables. These popular treatments are effective for correcting several aesthetic facial aging concerns, but they cannot produce the same results as a surgical facelift for many patients.

Dermal fillers and injectables like Botox® are perfect for mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, and even as an introduction to anti-aging procedures with a cosmetic surgeon. However, they are not permanent, and touch-ups are required once or twice a year to maintain the result. Fillers can plump skin and smooth facial lines, which provide a bit of a lift, but significantly drooping skin caused by the aging process cannot be treated with injectables alone.

A facelift is the most predictable, long-lasting, and effective way to achieve overall facial rejuvenation. While treatment is more invasive than injections, the results are dramatic, helping to exceed patient expectations. A facelift can also be complemented by using injectables in the future, helping to prolong your youthful look for decades. 

Recovering from your Tampa Facelift Procedure

Recuperating from a facelift can often be more comfortable than a body procedure. However, you will need a loved one or family member available to help you during the first few days, as you will be tired and will require assistance with obtaining food, water, and medication. Patients often take one to two weeks away from work, mostly to avoid interaction with others since swelling and bruising will be more pronounced during this time.

Patients normally return to work after the initial week of recovery, primarily if they do not work in a physically strenuous job. It’s important to take activities slowly and to ease back into your usual routine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facelifts

Treatment can create firm and youthful skin around the lower face and neck. Before recommending a procedure, however, Dr. Stephan evaluates skin elasticity around the rest of the face. If the skin is firm, it may be possible to pursue less invasive treatment with smaller incisions. During your consultation, be sure to ask Dr. Stephan about your options and what your chosen procedure can do to benefit you.

After treatment, patients will continue to age. However, we’ve already set the clock backward with your procedure and aging from that point forward will be proportionate; your facial appearance will still look younger than your natural age.

Patients often look for the least invasive way to get the results they want, which is understandable. Dr. Stephan cautions patients to consider their concerns and what they sincerely hope to achieve from treatment. A mini facelift is indeed less invasive than a traditional facelift, but the procedure only corrects lax skin in the lower portion of the face. This is often not ideal.

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