Beauty Post-Baby: Body Aesthetic Surgery and Mommy Makeovers in Tampa, FL

Of the challenges of motherhood, some of the most difficult can be the ones that others can’t see in normal clothing. New moms, and even patients whose last pregnancy is long past, often experience loose skin and fat around their abdomen, changes in breast shape, and stubborn fatty deposits. These can affect self-esteem and body confidence; however, there are treatments available to help patients feel great about themselves and enjoy a boost in wellness.

Dr. Brad Stephan offers mommy makeover treatment in Tampa to restore patients’ body shape and appearance after the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. 

What Happens During a Mommy Makeover?

Your customized treatment plan includes one or more surgical procedures to remove excess skin and fat, repair abdominal muscle separation, as well as restore breast and other pre-pregnancy body contours. Treatments can be completed during the same surgical appointment, which helps consolidate medical visits and follow-up appointments as well as minimize cost and overall recovery. Surgery can be as extensive or conservative as patients desire, so their results match their expectations and allow them to feel their best.

While every patient has unique concerns, many mommy makeovers include similar procedures. Your initial meeting with Dr. Stephan allows him and his team to detail your treatment plan and help you understand what to expect. 

Your Full Body Treatment Options

A mommy makeover is one of many combinations of procedures to help you look your best after childbearing and are customized to each individual patient. The procedures selected are intended to combat the effects of stretched soft tissue that is common after extreme body size fluctuations, commonly of the abdomen, breasts, and vaginal tissues.

Aesthetic breast augmentation is a procedure included in many post-pregnancy mommy makeovers. Through the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts often change rapidly in size and shape, becoming larger during pregnancy and often deflating after patients are finished breastfeeding. Patients who loved their newfound breast volume while pregnant may become disappointed by reduced breast volume after childbirth. Breast implants are perfect for creating the desired volume and projection. Many different implant types and sizes are available to customize your treatment and expected results.

An implant can alleviate the appearance of some sagging, but additional care is needed to correct significant drooping and lack of ideal breast position.

If you were satisfied with breast volume before motherhood, you might find that your breasts no longer make you feel as confident after sagging created by breastfeeding. Heavy breasts affected by loose skin and gravity appear drooped and elongated, which makes many patients self-conscious. Changes in nipple size and position can also occur after breastfeeding. If your nipple is positioned lower than your natural breast crease, a breast lift may be recommended to create the best results.

During treatment, excess skin is removed, the breast tissue is contoured, and the areolas are positioned higher, thus restoring your pre-baby breast shape. Breasts then appear firmer, rounder, and overall more aesthetically pleasing. Breast implants are sometimes added at the same time as breast lifts to enhance fullness of the upper breasts and cleavage.

Perhaps the most troublesome area for many mommy makeover patients is the abdomen. It’s no surprise that nine months of carrying a child changes the appearance of soft tissue, as well as the muscular support system of the abdomen. Everyone is different, and patients may find that their skin retracts after pregnancy. However, it’s more often the case that loose skin, stretch marks, and stubborn fat remain after childbirth, even with effort and dedication to health and fitness. These issues, including separation of the abdominal muscles in the midline, are comprehensively addressed during an abdominoplasty so that patients can enjoy a lean, firm, and well-sculpted midsection and waistline. Dr. Stephan performs various types of abdominoplasties that are tailored to each patient, so the most aesthetically-pleasing results may be obtained.

This aesthetic procedure is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments for women, especially after becoming mothers. Natural childbirth can change the appearance of vaginal tissue, elongating labia and making sexual confidence and wellness a challenge. In these cases, Dr. Stephan provides labiaplasty to help patients feel comfortable with their appearance in this highly sensitive area. Treatment and recovery are easier than most imagine, which contribute to this treatment’s popularity.

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation in Tampa with Dr. Stephan

Body changes after significant life events are highly personal and improving the appearance of your physique is a personal decision. Dr. Stephan understands the complex motivations for seeking a mommy makeover and how it can take patients a while to consider what they would like from their treatment plan, and why. During your consultation you have full access to Dr. Stephan and his team; ask them all of the questions that you have regarding your treatment plan and research that you have performed.

It’s our goal to empower our patients with complete knowledge so they can bring that information home and take all the time they need to weigh treatment options and aesthetic outcomes. When you visit our surgeon and his friendly team, you are in the hands of qualified and caring professionals who are there to support your goals and ultimate satisfaction.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recuperating after a multi-procedure mommy makeover operation may take longer than recovering after a single procedure. However, patients find that combining multiple surgical procedures into one operation minimizes the overall recovery period and costs.

It’s essential to ensure that a loved one, family member, or professional care provider is available to assist you for at least the first 48 hours following your surgery, a week is recommended. As you will be unable to complete (and won’t feel much like doing) routine errands, make sure you have coordinated these activities with your caregiver(s). A week may not seem like much, but that can include many vital events for the life of a busy family. You will need help taking medication, bathing, and walking to and from your in-home recovery area, whether that’s a bed or comfortable chair.

After the first week, and after drains are removed (if drains are used), many patients experience a significant improvement in feelings of wellness and energy. It’s important to follow Dr. Stephan’s instructions for recovery, wearing compression garments, limiting physical activity, and taking the prescribed medication to promote your comfort.

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