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Breast reduction is a life-changing procedure that significantly improves patients’ comfort and confidence in their appearance. If you’ve been struggling with overly large breasts that cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as making everyday physical activity difficult, it may be time for a breast reduction.

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The Benefits of Breast Reduction

The physical impact of overly large breasts shouldn’t be underestimated. Patients with breasts that range from DDD to as much as E and FF often experience daily pain and discomfort that is hard to find relief from. Those with oversized breasts often have poor posture as well, as the sheer weight of the excess breast size is too much to sit or stand properly. Breast reduction patients frequently report recurring pain in the neck, back, and shoulders from the added weight and strain. 

Large breasts also make shopping a frustrating and expensive experience. Specialty bras are costly, and many tops aren’t designed to accommodate a dramatic difference between breast size and waist or hip size. After treatment, patients are thrilled by the following benefits of surgery:

  • Increased physical comfort, relieving strain on the upper body
  • Free movement in exercise – no more bulky and restrictive bras to keep movement to a minimum
  • An overall slimmer appearance
  • A more comprehensive selection of clothing becomes available
  • Improvement in physical contours and balance in body shape

What to Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery

Treatment is completed under general anesthesia at our state-of-the-art surgical facility. Our skilled team supports patients’ comfort and safety through the entire procedure. To achieve ideal results, tissue needs to be efficiently removed, and the breasts need to be reshaped. 

The most common techniques for breast reduction are:

  • Inverted T
  • Anchor Pattern
  • Lollipop Incision

The inverted T and anchor pattern are used where there is a significant need for reduction. With the inverted T, an incision is made down from the nipple and across the breast crease. The anchor pattern is similar to this, with an added incision around the nipple. The lollipop method does not include an incision in the breast crease and is usually recommended for moderate breast reduction cases. 

Many patients are concerned about scarring from surgery and worry that it will be highly visible after healing is complete. It’s important to note, however, that incisions are a necessary part of the surgery, and many precautions both intraoperatively and postoperatively are taken to minimize scarring. Less invasive methods (for example, liposuction alone) will not be able to create the desired results for patients with breasts that are large enough to require reduction.

After reducing breast volume and reshaping the breasts to look symmetrical, the incisions are closed with meticulous detail from our cosmetic surgeon. This helps with scar healing, so patients feel as confident in their appearance as possible.

Recovering from your Reduction Surgery

Compared to surgical procedures where the muscle is affected, breast reduction patients often report a comfortable recovery and healing process. After recovery from anesthesia, you will be released home with a loved one or friend and provided with full instructions for after-care. It’s always a good idea to have an at-home recovery area set-up in advance, whether that’s your bed or a comfy chair in sight of a TV and with other entertainment on-hand to keep you occupied while you rest. 

After a period of one to two weeks, most patients return to their regular daily routine, but are asked to refrain from heavy lifting and physical strain for up to six weeks. After the six-week mark, patients are normally cleared for full activity. Dr. Stephan provides detailed postoperative directions so the soft tissue heals appropriately for beautiful results.

Ask Dr. Stephan about Reduction Mammoplasty

Dr. Brad Stephan is a highly trained Cosmetic Surgeon who has extensive experience in breast procedures and helping patients love their new looks. With a breast reduction, Dr. Stephan creates lighter and better-shaped breasts. Patients can move freely, exercise comfortably, and even feel confident going braless for the first time. Call today for a consultation!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reduction Mammoplasty

Liposuction is an effective method to remove fatty deposits from multiple areas of the body, but it may not be ideal for breast reduction patients. Liposuction removes fat to reduce breast volume, but this treatment does not involve reshaping breasts to help them look symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

Many non-invasive cosmetic procedures can shape and tone the body – even pills and creams are advertised to improve your appearance, but over-the-counter products and non-surgical treatments are often not enough to create a significantly smaller breast size. For patients with large breasts, surgical methods are the only dependable and effective way to shape a smaller, lighter breast size.

Lifts and reductions are distinct procedures, and some patients may need both to meet their aesthetic goals. While a reduction mammoplasty decreases breast volume, a lift removes excess tissue and raises the breasts higher, often reducing nipple size as well. Patients who have had overly large breasts well into adulthood may notice the effects of skin aging and excess breast size have created severe drooping. In these cases, both procedures may be recommended as part of your treatment plan.

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