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When aesthetic surgery patients think of procedures to make their breasts appear full and youthful, implants often come to mind; however, a breast lift is also a popular and effective way to rejuvenate the breasts. Dr. Brad Stephan offers breast lift treatment in Tampa to counteract the effects of loose skin and lack of ideal shape.

If you’re looking for a skilled surgeon for a breast lift, Dr. Stephan offers personalized care and one-on-one service to ensure your results exceed your expectations.

What Can a Breast Lift do for You?

A breast lift is intended to raise the position of the breast and the nipple-areola complex. This is accomplished by removing excess tissue that developed due to changes in elasticity from weight fluctuations and breastfeeding, as well as general aging and the effects of gravity. The breasts are then raised and shaped to create an aesthetically pleasing position and appearance. 

The benefits of a breast lift (mastopexy) include:

  • Improved breast shape
  • Creates supple, round breasts
  • Improves patient self-image
  • Creates better fit in clothes

The results of a breast lift help patients feel more like themselves, before the life events and general aging that produced changes in their body shape.

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Dr. Stephan is committed to helping patients achieve their goals and love their improved beauty and confidence. With Dr. Stephan, you aren’t just another patient; you are treated with personal attention, so we can thoroughly understand your goals and help you meet them.

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Do you Need Implants and a Lift?

A mastopexy alone is an excellent option for patients who are already happy with the overall volume of their breasts, but who have experienced sagging and drooping as the result of skin changes. Loose skin lacks the firmness and elasticity to hold the weight of full breasts. A lift will not create added fullness in the upper part of the breast or substantially increase projection. For these concerns, Dr. Stephan may recommend adding implants to your procedure.

Pairing implants with a lift is an excellent combination for overall breast enhancement in some individuals, as implants alone cannot make breasts appear to sit higher on the chest wall. Results from the dual procedure allow patients to enjoy a wholly rejuvenated appearance, with enhanced fullness in the upper and lower part of the breast. As a part of the process, nipple size and position are improved as well.

Your Tampa Breast Lift Experience with Dr. Stephan

Dr. Brad Stephan treats each patient as an individual; he understands everyone seeks treatment for personal reasons and has their own unique idea of the perfect look. Part of reaching your goal is getting to know you and understanding which aspects of your current breast appearance make you feel less than confident. Dr. Stephan provides advice and recommendations on the best surgical methods to bring your vision to life and creates a treatment plan that matches. 

Customization in treatment includes incision placement, usually around the nipple and down toward the breast crease. Our professional and friendly staff help educate patients on what to expect during and after their procedure, so they are fully prepared for the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mastopexy

In some cases, a breast lift alone can help correct unevenness in size. If a patient wants the size of the larger breast reduced to create symmetry, this can be achieved without much difference in the treatment process. However, if a patient wants the size of one or both breasts increased, an implant will likely need to be included to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Those with significant skin laxity are best served with a vertical incision and may experience less-than-ideal results with other techniques. The amount of sagging a patient exhibits determines the surgical process. While the idea of having a potentially large and visible scar makes some patients nervous, this incision technique is necessary to achieve desired results. With Dr. Stephan’s skill and post-op instructions, the appearance of scars is minimized and most patients are thrilled with their results. The vertical scar generally heals beautifully.

There are no creams, lotions, or pills that can substitute the effects of a surgical breast lift. While many patients hope to avoid the surgery with over-the-counter products, the skin tightening effects provided by these lotions will likely not create the firmness and lift you’re looking for. Dr. Stephan understands that surgery makes patients nervous and works diligently to explain all parts of their procedures, so they feel prepared and confident.

The types of incisions that we use are designed to preserve the nerves that supply the nipple. However, there still is a chance of losing nipple sensation. Most of our patients experience stable nipple sensation.

Normally, all sutures are placed under the skin and do not need to be removed after a breast lift.

Individuals who undergo a breast lift normally return to work in two weeks. This also depends on the type of work that the individual performs.

No, you should not hurt any structure if you move. There will be three layers of sutures in different layers of tissue under your skin. These sutures are very strong. However, do not push your limits and please adhere to the postoperative instructions.

Yes. In general, you should wear the surgical bra for at least two weeks after surgery around the clock. At that point, you may be cleared to wear a tight-fitting sports bra for another four weeks. Typically, patients are cleared to return to their normal bra-wearing habits after six weeks postoperatively. Please note that this may change with your individual situation. Also, a breast lift does not stop the aging process, which may result in sagging of the breasts at a later age. We still recommend that you continue to support your breasts with a bra even after you are cleared to go without a bra from a surgical recovery standpoint.

This varies from patient to patient. However, a breast lift operation normally takes approximately three to four hours to complete.

Please do not use Vitamin E or topical anti-infective agents such as Neosporin on your incisions. Please use silicone-based scar gel when instructed to do so.

Download the Breast Lift Patient Education & Surgical Consent PDF for more information.

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