Breast Implant Revision in Tampa:
Remove or Exchange Your Implants

Breast implant revision is an aesthetic surgery to change your appearance after an initial breast implant procedure. Patients have many different goals in seeking revision surgery, whether they want to improve their implant size or have them removed altogether. If you’re looking for breast implant revision in Tampa, Dr. Brad Stephan provides highly customized care that allows you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Why Is Implant Revision Sometimes Necessary?

For some patients, breast implant revision surgery is a matter of preference, instead of medical necessity. These patients often prefer a different size implant than they currently have or would like to switch from saline to silicone for a more natural feel and appearance. However, there are some cases where patients need their implants removed entirely, especially if they have had complications with older implant types or experience an unexpected event, like capsular contracture. Also, some patients who previously wanted augmented breasts simply prefer to have their implants removed later.

During consultations, Dr. Stephan listens to patients carefully to thoroughly understand their goals regarding an additional breast procedure and how he can exceed their expectations. Dr. Stephan is experienced in cosmetic surgical procedures and provides the individualized care needed to help patients love their results from revision surgery.

Reasons for Implant Revision

Your aesthetic goals are your own, and you have unique needs from cosmetic treatment. Dr. Stephan finds that patients often express the following goals and concerns when seeking a revision breast enhancement surgery:

Immediately after surgery, breast augmentation patients may love the new size of their breasts, but some of this size may be attributed to expected post-surgical swelling. When implants settle, and swelling recedes, some patients wish they still had the size and volume they had seen right after treatment. In these cases, larger implants can be provided to ensure patients are satisfied with their results.

Some patients who have spent much of their lives with relatively small breasts may be frustrated by everyday life with larger breasts, such as the need to wear sports bras while exercising or how specific clothing fits. For these patients, smaller implants can be provided so they can go about their daily routines feeling confident and comfortable.

If you had an implant procedure many years ago, you did not have the same choices available today, especially regarding modern, form-stable implant varieties which have recently come into the market and gained in popularity. Patients often choose to swap an implant type to achieve a natural appearance or even to correct defects in implants, such as rippling or rupture.

While it is rare that patients want their implants removed entirely, explant surgery can be provided to restore your natural appearance. Some patients choose removal because of changing taste in aesthetics over the years or because they no longer want prosthetics. At the same time as removal, patients may choose to have a breast lift to ensure their results are youthful, shapely, and natural.

Your Breast Implant Revision
Consultation in Tampa

Every patient who visits our office is treated to considerate and kind care from our Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Brad Stephan, and each member of his staff.  Your initial meeting takes place in a private consultation room, where you will have plenty of time to speak with Dr. Stephan and his patient care coordinator and express your concerns. We never rush you through your appointment, and thoroughly address each of your questions.

If you are on the fence about your decision to have your current breast implants removed or exchanged, you do not have to make an immediate choice during your visit. We provide you with all the education and information needed to feel good about your ultimate decision. Dr. Stephan and his team encourage patients to sleep on all the information and choose after speaking with their loved ones and giving their treatment plenty of personal consideration.

What Happens During Implant
Removal Surgery?

During the procedure, an incision is placed (often along the same incision line used during the initial surgery) to access the breast pocket. If the implant was initially inserted under the muscle, the muscle heals naturally after removal. Successful and carefully performed removal surgery does not create defects in the muscle. If the implants were quite large and muscle release was needed, some thinning of the muscle may be a side-effect, but this is generally not an issue that causes patient problems post-surgery. However, if you have had any issues before the surgery, it’s important to discuss these with Dr. Stephan, so you completely understand what to expect after treatment.

The implants are then removed, and incisions are closed in multiple layers with dissolvable sutures under the skin. A lift can be provided at the same time as explant treatment if a patient chooses. This procedure involves removing any loose or drooping tissue created as the result of keeping large implants for many years.

Patients can expect to take several days off work and return to office work after this time. Compression garments should be worn, according to Dr. Stephan’s instructions, and physical exertion should be avoided for several weeks to ensure proper healing.

What Will Breasts Look Like After
Implant Removal?

Patients are often pleasantly surprised to see how their breasts look after the implants are taken out. Some patients are concerned about loose or sagging skin, but this may not always be an issue. You can elect to have a lift at the same time as removal surgery, but it may also be a good idea to wait and see how the soft tissue responds and regains firmness post-treatment.

breast lift can always be provided at a later date if a patient desires. Those who wish for conservative treatment choose to skip the lift, while others who want to avoid another surgical experience opt for an immediate lift. Dr. Stephan helps you understand what to expect so you can make a choice that works for you.

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