If you want to feel confident showing off your legs, but are embarrassed due to excess skin and fat, call Stephan Surgical Arts for a thigh lift in Tampa. We provide skin and fat removal treatment to sculpt your legs, creating firm and supple skin. Many patients who seek this procedure have lost a significant amount of weight via bariatric surgery or non-surgical weight loss regimens and turn to this procedure as part of an overall body contouring plan.

Don’t limit your wardrobe or your self-esteem because of concerns over loose skin. Enjoy the freedom of loving your body with help from our Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Brad Stephan. Call today for a consultation!

The Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery

This procedure is artistically designed to create improved contour of the legs. Patients with loose and drooping skin on the thighs often avoid wearing form-fitting clothes for fear that bulges and cellulite will show. A thighplasty creates smooth and firm skin by excising sagging tissue left over from dramatic body changes, so you can look your best and never second guess what you wear. A thighplasty may be combined with liposuction of the legs for an even more dramatic effect in many individuals.

Patients choose to have a thigh lift for many reasons; some of these reasons include:

  • The inner and outer thighs are targeted, thus reducing saddle bags and infamous rubbing of the upper thighs
  • Deposits of fat are removed along with the skin
  • The appearance of cellulite is diminished
  • The overall thigh size becomes smaller and better fits the individual’s natural body shape

Thigh reduction is ideal for patients who have reached their goal weight and maintained their new size. Patients who are still actively losing weight or whose weight fluctuates significantly should wait to pursue treatment, as both factors can create additional loose skin.

Your Consultation for Thigh Lift
with Dr. Stephan

The first step in any aesthetic surgery journey is a consultation with an experienced surgeon. Dr. Brad Stephan is highly-trained, has performed an extensive amount of body-contouring procedures, and takes the time to make sure that he provides the best results for his patients. During your meeting, Dr. Stephan and his team pay close attention to all your aesthetic concerns so they can create a treatment plan to best suit your expectations. Many patients pair their thigh lift with liposuction, arm lift (brachioplasty), tummy tuck, and breast lift procedures. Especially after weight loss, these procedures create the new body shape you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the procedure and what you can expect before and after the operation when you meet with Dr. Stephan. Before you come to a decision, Dr. Stephan and his staff ensure that you are provided with all the information necessary to feel confident in your choice.

What Happens During a Thigh Lift?

The approach Dr. Stephan takes is discussed during your initial visit to our office. Patients with minimal loose skin and fat may benefit from a less invasive procedure, compared to patients who require extensive body lifting and contouring. Dr. Stephan may take one of the following approaches to treatment:

Medial Thighplasty – This is perhaps the most popular approach to removing drooping thigh skin. With this method, Dr. Stephan places an incision from just above the knee up towards the groin, to effectively reduce the extra tissue and fat deposits. This is best for removing the most significant amount of skin and is often recommended for patients after massive weight loss. A medial thigh lift targets the inner thigh, creating slim contours.

Crescent Thigh Lift – This approach also targets the inner thigh but may be recommended for patients with mild to moderate loose skin in the area. An incision is placed along the natural crease where the upper leg connects with the groin. A crescent-shaped section of tissue and fat is then removed so that skin can be tightened and smoothed.

Outer Thigh Lift – For reduction of skin and fat on the front and outsides (saddlebags) of thighs, Dr. Stephan can perform an outer thighplasty, sometimes called a lateral thigh lift. The incisions are placed along the crease of the groin and side of the leg, extending down the thigh. This V-shaped section of tissue is then removed so skin can be adjusted in the targeted area.

Your procedure can also be paired with liposuction fat removal to help contour the shape of the inner and outer thighs. During treatment, you are placed under general anesthesia, so you are as comfortable as possible.

What is Recovery Like After a Thigh Lift?

Patients will require assistance from a family member or friend (or a hired nurse) to help them during their first week of their recovery. This will be the time when they need the most care and help with medication, food, and getting up to walk around, per Dr. Stephan’s instructions. You may also have drains placed during your procedure to prevent fluid accumulation. Being careful with the drains, taking medications as recommended, and finding a comfortable way to rest will be of the utmost importance for the first few days of recovery.

Bruising and swelling are expected after treatment and may take several months to resolve completely; however, this is common and is also experienced by patients who choose to have other body contouring procedures. Because treatment is in an area of the body that is often disturbed by routine activity, recovery may take longer relative to other parts of the body. Patients may need to take up to two to three weeks off work.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Thigh Lifts

Scarring is dependent upon the skill of the surgeon, how patients follow directions during recovery, and the use of topical products to lessen the appearance of scars. While the idea of vertical or horizontal scarring can make patients hesitant about their procedure, being free of the extra skin that has been holding you back from feeling like yourself is normally well worth any post-treatment marks. Dr. Stephan is experienced in creating the best possible outcomes, including minimizing visible scarring.

Patients sometimes flock to procedures that promise results in a day or are less extensive than others, as the idea of invasive surgery can be intimidating. However, if you have experienced massive weight loss, a “mini” version of treatment will not be able to create the results you’re hoping for.  There is no formal process for a mini thigh lift, so be wary of those who offer to produce your desired thigh lift result with so-called minimally invasive procedures.

Loose skin cannot be resolved with liposuction alone, but a thigh lift is often paired with liposuction to create the best results. If you have both drooping skin and excess fat deposits, liposuction can normally be performed at the same time as one of the thigh lift methods that Dr. Stephan performs to meet your needs. However, if you have moderately fatty thighs and relatively tight skin, you may be a candidate for liposuction alone.

Most patients do not need drains when having a thigh lift in our practice. However, Dr. Stephan may place a drain during the operation if deemed appropriate at that time.

Normally, all sutures are placed under the skin and do not need to be removed after a thighplasty with Dr. Stephan.

Please take multiple short walks (i.e. around the house) as soon as you feel steady on your feet after having a thigh lift performed. This is imperative for your recovery process. However, avoid significant pulling on the incisions for at least six weeks after surgery. Don’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for the first four weeks. This will be further discussed during your postoperative appointments.

After a thighplasty, you should not damage the sutures or open the incisions if you move within reason. Please take multiple short walks after the operation, but avoid stretching the incisions. This will be further discussed during your postoperative visits. 

This varies significantly from patient to patient. However, a thighplasty normally takes three to four hours to complete.

Your legs will be swollen for up to one month after a thighplasty and you will continue to experience positive changes for up to six months after surgery. The swelling should not limit your ability to perform normal daily activities.

Please do not use Vitamin E on your thighplasty incisions. Please use silicone-based scar gel when instructed to do so. 

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