Achieve a Better Bottom with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Tampa

Changes in aesthetic trends and the effects of aging, weight loss, and genetics send many patients to their cosmetic surgeons in search of a round, shapely backside. With a Brazilian Butt Lift, you can get the look you want, without invasive surgery or the use of implants. In Dr. Brad Stephan’s Tampa clinic and attached private operating suites, we sculpt Brazilian Butt Lifts to help you feel confident in your figure. Dr. Stephan offers the latest in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatment.

Whether you’re wearing a bikini or a tight-fitting pair of jeans, you can feel great knowing your curves will be at their best. For more information about fat grafting and buttock enhancement, call our clinic today to set up a consultation with Dr. Stephan!

What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves the transfer of fat from one or more areas of the body to the buttocks. Fat grafting has the dual benefit of enhancing your backside while creating lean curves in other areas of your body, such as the thighs, back, and abdomen. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which Dr. Stephan finds is best for patient comfort and safety.

Liposuction techniques are used to harvest fat cells from areas pre-selected during the treatment planning and consultation phases. Once removed, the fat is purified so it can be effectively replaced into the buttocks. No large incisions are used during the procedure. In addition, the treatment sites are hidden and heal very well – so the only things others will see are your stunning curves.

You can expect your procedure to be:

  • Private
  • Safe
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Efficient
  • Effective

Dr. Stephan is a top provider of Brazilian butt lift surgery and serves patients throughout the Tampa area.

Butt Lifts in Tampa with Dr. Brad Stephan

Dr. Stephan is a highly trained Cosmetic Surgeon who uses advanced techniques to create the best possible results. Because a Brazilian butt lift is a dual procedure – where fat is first harvested and then reinjected into the buttocks – liposuction techniques are vital to the process. Dr. Stephan uses power-assisted liposuction (PAL) for fat-harvest operations and has achieved incredible results with this method. This fat removal procedure provides the same aesthetic results as laser and ultrasound-based liposuction techniques but dramatically reduces post-treatment complications compared to the other two methods. Dr. Stephan is committed to patient satisfaction and loves patients’ reactions when they see their new figures.

Butt lifts are recommended for patients who exhibit the following:

  • A naturally flat or small buttock
  • Lack of shape and definition
  • A deflated backside caused by aging or weight loss
  • Lack of desired proportion between hips, waist, and buttocks

We’ll explain the many benefits of this procedure, and the special techniques that Dr. Stephan uses for enhanced results during your butt lift consultation at Stephan Surgical Arts.

One-on-One Consultations for
Buttock Enhancement

Your consultation is the first step in achieving your aesthetic goals. This is the perfect opportunity to express your concerns to Dr. Stephan and to customize your treatment plan with the help of our surgeon. Before your visit, we recommend writing down any questions you have and bring in pictures of what you would ideally like to achieve with a butt lift.

We provide all information necessary to clarify your options and what you can expect in a no-pressure environment; you do not have to make an immediate decision regarding your surgery. Dr. Stephan and his team encourage patients to take the details home and consider their procedure, so they can feel confident moving forward with treatment.

During this meeting, we establish realistic expectations for care, which is an integral part of supporting patient satisfaction. Our patients understand that their results will be unique to them and depend on their natural body contours.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Brazilian Butt Lift

Setting expectations and answering patient questions is an important part of creating a positive environment and satisfied patients. We welcome patients to bring all their questions to their first visit to our office. If you have a concern not addressed here, we are happy to speak with you in detail during a treatment planning consultation. Call us at 813-549-6299 to schedule your Brazilian Butt Lift consultation with Dr. Stephan.

Patients who have fat deposits in other areas of their body, and who would like a rounder and firmer backside, are generally qualified and can achieve excellent results with their Brazilian Butt Lift. If you are naturally lean and do not have sufficient sources of donor fat, Dr. Stephan can discuss your BBL alternatives.

Bruising and swelling around the donor liposuction sites and the injection areas are common. Most patients take two weeks off work to rest and recover at home. While you heal, it’s essential to minimize sitting; you can purchase cushions that allow you to relax comfortably while avoiding pressure on the treated area.  A compression garment is recommended for the first six weeks, which promotes best results and can minimize the effects of swelling. Overall, healing time depends on how many donor sites were used and how much fat was transferred to create the desired effect.

In short, no. After at least six weeks of recovery, patients are often excited to get into the gym and see even better results with the use of butt-shaping workouts, but there is misinformation regarding exercise and what it can do to the grafted fat placed during your butt lift. Strengthening muscles with exercises like squats will not deplete the fat in the area. Patients who experience fat loss from exercise and nutrition will do so in proportion; the augmented area will still be shapelier, compared to what you experienced before treatment.

After the final aesthetic results are achieved, the results are permanent. With any fat grafting, not all fat cells establish the required blood supply to remain in place, but the grafts that do are long-lasting. There normally is no need to receive a maintenance procedure.

Discover your best bottom with a butt lift at Stephan Surgical Arts. Our skilled cosmetic surgeon and dedicated staff will help you throughout the process, providing superior medical care, personalized attention, and stunning surgical results. Call us to schedule your consultation today.

The amount of transferred fat that survives varies from individual to individual. However, generally 70%-80% of the transferred fat survives, if postoperative instructions are carefully followed.

Anytime that an incision is placed on the skin, a scar will form. However, small cannula sites are used BBL operations and we take great precautions to minimize and hide scarring.

How long patients are out of work after a Brazilian Butt Lift depends on the patient’s individual situation and the type of work that the individual performs. If the patient can stand at work, they usually return to work two weeks after the operation. If the person often sits at work, we recommend at least three weeks before returning to work (even with specialized BBL pillows to sit on).

The liposuction performed during a Brazilian Butt Lift removes much of the external fat in the treated area. However, a small amount of fat cells will remain there. If you gain weight after surgery those remaining fat cells will swell. The removed fat cells are gone from that particular forever; however, the remaining few fat cells will enlarge if you gain weight.

If you lose a significant amount of weight after having a BBL performed, the fat cells that were transferred to your buttocks will shrink along with the rest of your body’s fat cells. This may result in a smaller circumference of your buttocks; however, your buttocks may remain in similar proportion to the rest of your body.

Yes, a BBL is performed under general anesthesia in our practice. This is a safe and comfortable way to perform most surgeries. Anesthesia is only provided by Board-Certified Anesthesiologists in our practice; this sets our organization apart from many others.

This varies significantly from patient to patient. However, a BBL operation normally takes three to four hours to complete.

Download the Brazlian Butt Lift Patient Education & Surgical Consent PDF for more information.

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Dr. Stephan is a Fellowship-trained Cosmetic Surgeon, dedicated to the artistry and precise technique required to give patients their desired results through butt lift surgery. If you have questions about BBL surgery and what this procedure can do for you, our surgeon and team encourage you to call our office today for a personal consultation. We look forward to helping you feel your best and meet your aesthetic goals!

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Whether you’re wearing a bikini or a tight-fitting pair of jeans, you can feel great knowing your curves will be at their best. For more information about fat grafting and butt enhancement, call our clinic today to set up a consultation with Dr. Stephan!

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