The freedom to wear whatever you want without second-guessing your appearance is a powerful motivator for many patients who seek aesthetic surgery, and this is especially true when it comes to excess skin of the upper arms. The natural aging process can make the skin around the arms loose and drooping, while significant life changes like massive weight loss can create excess tissue here as well. With an arm lift (brachioplasty) in Tampa, Dr. Stephan can create the smooth and lean arms you need to feel your best while wearing sleeveless and strapless attire.

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Is an Arm Lift Right for You?

If you have loose skin on your upper arms, no amount of curls or other arm workouts will be enough to snap skin back into place, unfortunately. An arm lift is often included with body contouring operations, but patients can choose this as a separate procedure to fine-tune a specific area of the body that causes embarrassment.

Dr. Stephan usually recommends brachioplasty to patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Have hanging skin around the upper arms
  • Reached and maintained their goal weight
  • Are in generally good health
  • Want to get rid of “bat wings”

The best way to determine a plan that fits your needs is to visit Stephan Surgical Arts and speak with a member of our team. We are committed to helping you feel your best by offering treatments that exceed your expectations. With our guidance, you can select the right procedure(s) to help you look your best.

Arm Lifts vs. Arm Liposuction

It’s important to understand the differences between procedures so you can achieve your aesthetic goals. During your in-office visit, Dr. Stephan will discuss the treatment process as well as pros and cons of the procedure in depth. Many patients believe they can achieve the look they want with liposuction alone; however, tissue excision may best serve them. Generally, arm lifts and arm liposuction can be defined as follows:

This procedure is intended to remove excess skin which has become lax after extreme weight loss or aging, where tissue elasticity is significantly reduced. During treatment, one of several incision techniques is used to remove loose skin and pull remaining tissue taught, creating an improved contour.

The purpose of liposuction is to remove fatty deposits through a small incision. Dr. Stephan uses advanced power-assisted liposuction to break up fat deposits and efficiently remove them from the treatment site. This can sculpt slimmer arms if you are genetically prone to storing excess fat in this area, which may create arms that are fuller than other parts of your body.

If you have excess fat and skin in this area, liposuction alone will not be enough to create your desired results. Many patients choose to pair liposuction with an arm lift to achieve the sculpted arms they have always wanted. Dr. Stephan can help you determine which combination of procedures will best suit your needs. If you’ve previously had arm liposuction and are experiencing loose skin, a lift is often recommended to re-shape the arms.

Your Arm Lift Consultation in Tampa

Dr. Stephan’s consultations are educational opportunities for the patient. We encourage you to bring your research and questions to us, so we may thoroughly address your needs. After an initial evaluation, Dr. Stephan can recommend a treatment plan and tell you exactly what to expect under our care. Patients are provided with full details regarding preparation for surgery, the procedure process itself, and what to expect during the recovery period.

You will have plenty of time to consider your decision before we move forward with treatment. Our goal is to serve as advisors and educators when it comes to any aesthetic procedure; we never push patients into a choice regarding their treatment. We welcome you to thoroughly review everything discussed during your visit and call our team when you’re ready to get started with your body transformation.

The Brachioplasty Procedure with
Dr. Stephan

Your arm lift is performed while you are under general anesthesia provided by our Board-Certified Anesthesiologist. Dr. Stephan finds this to be the most safe and effective way to keep patients comfortable during treatment. The incision is placed along the medial aspect of your arm, sometimes extending from near the elbow to the axilla (armpit), to best hide the incision when you go sleeveless after surgery.

After removing excess skin and fat (if necessary), the treatment sites are closed and dressings are placed. You will recover from general anesthesia under watchful care and may return home to recuperate the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arm Lifts

Patients will need to carefully follow Dr. Stephan’s instructions for medication, rest, and the changing of any bandages. Having a loved one or friend at home to help during the first week of recovery is essential, as you will need assistance getting up to move around, taking medication, as well as getting food and water. While the early few days after treatment can be the most challenging, patients find that they feel more like themselves after a week. Swelling and bruising may be visible for several weeks as your body heals from treatment.

Dr. Stephan recommends taking between one to two weeks away from work. If you have a physically demanding job, speak with our surgeon about how you can ease back into routine activity without injuring yourself or compromising healing.

For extensive treatment, surgical drains may be necessary to help reduce fluid accumulation. While drains are not patients’ favorite part of recovery, they are generally removed after the first week. If you have questions about whether your recovery will include the placement of thin drains, please be sure to ask Dr. Stephan during your consultation.

Any surgical procedure that requires an incision will create a scar. This is especially true for brachioplasty procedures that may involve relatively long incisions. However, with proper care and use of scar-minimizing products, incisions are normally faint and do not prevent patients from feeling confident in their appearance. Dr. Stephan is trained and experienced in the art of aesthetic surgery. His meticulous approach to treatment helps your scars heal well and look as inconspicuous as possible.

Individuals who have brachioplasty performed can normally return to work in two weeks. This also depends on the type of work that the individual performs.

Yes, brachioplasty is performed under general anesthesia in our practice. This is a safe and comfortable way to perform most surgeries. Anesthesia is only provided by Board-Certified Anesthesiologists in our practice; this sets our organization apart from many others.

Your arms will be swollen for up to one month after having a brachioplasty performed, and you will continue to experience positive changes for up to six months after surgery. The swelling should not limit your ability to perform normal daily activities.

Please do not use Vitamin E on your incisions. Please use silicone-based scar gel when instructed to do so.

Brachioplasty procedure times vary significantly from patient to patient. However, the operation normally takes three to four hours to complete.

Download the Arm Lift Patient Education & Surgical Consent PDF for more information.

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