Traditional Abdominoplasty

With a traditional tummy tuck in Tampa by Dr. Brad Stephan, you can experience these changes first-hand and enjoy the freedom of a lean and firm midsection.” to “With a traditional tummy tuck in Tampa by Dr. Brad Stephan, you can enjoy the freedom of a lean and firm midsection.

Avelar Abdominoplasty

An Avelar abdominoplasty is a great way to safely combine removal of excess abdominal skin and liposuction to create a lean and well-contoured midsection for individuals without significant widening of their abdominal muscles in the midline.


Food choices and healthy activity can help you to get closer to your ideal body shape, but you may be unable to spot-sculpt specific areas of the body without help from an aesthetic surgeon. At Stephan Surgical Arts, we offer Tampa liposuction to shape and trim problem areas, revealing your desired body contours.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

With a Brazilian Butt Lift, you can get the look you want, without invasive surgery or the use of implants. In Dr. Brad Stephan’s Tampa clinic and attached private operating suites, we sculpt Brazilian Butt Lifts to help you feel confident in your figure.


Excess tissue in this area can make patients feel embarrassed when wearing a swimsuit or tight-fitting pair of jeans and can even hamper their sexual life. This treatment provides a significant boost in patients’ body confidence and can also enhance sensitivity in intimate moments.

Mommy Makeover

New moms, and even patients whose last pregnancy is long past, often experience loose skin and fat around their abdomen, changes in breast shape, and stubborn fatty deposits. There are treatments available to help patients feel great about themselves and enjoy a boost in wellness.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The natural aging process can make the skin around the arms loose and drooping, while significant life changes like massive weight loss can create excess tissue here as well. With an arm lift (brachioplasty) in Tampa, Dr. Stephan can create the smooth and lean arms you need to feel your best while wearing sleeveless and strapless attire.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

If you want to feel confident showing off your legs, but are embarrassed due to excess skin and fat, call Stephan Surgical Arts for a thigh lift in Tampa. We provide skin and fat removal treatment to sculpt your legs, creating firm and supple skin.