How to Find the Right Bra After Breast Augmentation

What’s the best bra to wear after breast augmentation? That’s one of the most common questions Dr. Brad Stephan hears from his patients who are considering natural-looking breast enhancement surgery

If you have always been naturally small-breasted or have asymmetrical breasts, the idea of being able to fill out a bra and maybe even show off a bit of cleavage can feel tremendously exciting. However, if you didn’t necessarily spend a lot of time shopping for bras before thinking about breast enhancement, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding the right bra after breast augmentation surgery. Luckily, there’s more than one right answer for you. The secret is to choose a bra that corresponds with the phase of post-surgical recovery you’re in. Here’s our guide to helping you do just that.  

Finding Your Post-Augmentation Fit

Choosing a bra that supports your newly augmented breasts can help your results look beautiful for many years. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you won’t immediately be able to transition into wearing daring push-up or plunge bras after your procedure. Your bra style at each phase of your recovery will depend on how long it has been since your surgery, as that will influence how much support your breasts need as they heal. 

Phase 1

Immediately after the surgery and for approximately the first two weeks afterward, your breasts will be swollen and tender, so Dr. Stephan will recommend you wear a surgical compression bra with no underwires. This specially designed bra is an ideal option in the earliest phases of recovering from breast enhancement surgery because it can help keep the implant from moving around in its pocket, reduce swelling, and help make your healing process smoother and more comfortable. 

Dr. Stephan will send you home from surgery with detailed post-operative instructions, including how to care for your incisions and how long you will need to wear your medical compression bra. Most patients wear this garment during the day and all night for two weeks to facilitate their recovery, after which Dr. Stephan can clear them to move on to the next step of bra selection. 

Phase 2

After Dr. Stephan approves you to do so, you can transition from the surgical compression bra to a soft, yet supportive, sports bra. Again, you will want to choose a bra with no underwires, as those can chafe your incisions and hinder your healing process. Dr. Stephan also recommends choosing a bra with a front closure, which will make it easier for you to put on and take off without too much twisting, turning, or stretching. 

As you are shopping for sports bras to wear during this stage of your recovery, you’ll need to select one that not only fits well but holds up your newly augmented breasts. Don’t forget, your new breasts will be heavier, so you should look for a bra that keeps them in a high position on your chest.

Phase 3

Because everyone heals at different rates, there is no hard-and-fast deadline for when you can expect to transition from your supportive sports bra to the more feminine cut and style you have probably been dreaming of. However, in general, most women who receive breast enhancement surgery at Stephan Surgical Arts can expect to be able to wear a “regular” bra about six weeks after their procedure. 

Before clearing you to make this switch, Dr. Stephan will make certain your breast implants have settled into their final position and your surgical incisions have fully healed.

Selecting the Best Bra After You Have Healed

Many breast augmentation patients eagerly await the day when they can shop for flattering, sexy bras that enhance their new shape and make them feel confident in showing off their enlarged breasts. It’s crucial, however, to remember that breast augmentation surgery does not stop the aging process. Choosing a bra with adequate support can help prevent your implants from sagging and drooping, and can keep your breasts looking more youthful and uplifted for years to come.

Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FL

As a triple board-certified surgeon with fellowship training, Dr. Stephan is uniquely qualified to help you choose the ideal breast implant size, shape, and material for your body type and lifestyle, as well as how to recommend the best bra after breast augmentation. Contact our Tampa surgical practice to learn more about how to achieve the silhouette you’ve always dreamed about with natural-appearing breast