Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

If you have been on a weight loss journey, you have likely been working hard to make positive changes to your diet and exercise habits and may have even undergone bariatric surgery.  Making these changes takes commitment, determination, and hard work! We celebrate the successes of our patients who have lost excess weight, and we also understand the cosmetic challenges that may accompany weight loss. Even though you are probably feeling healthier and more confident, you may still be unhappy with parts of your body if you have loose, sagging skin.

This is common when people lose a great deal of weight because the elasticity of the skin is reduced over time and is also damaged during weight gain, preventing it from “snapping back” after weight loss. This may leave you feeling let down after all of your efforts to lose weight because you still don’t feel comfortable showing off your improved physique. We understand how you feel, and Dr. Stephan can help you through a number of cosmetic procedures that can address the excess tissue that hides your weight loss successes. Show off the body you’ve worked so hard for through a number of options discussed below.

An Arm Lift Can Remove Excess Tissue From the Upper Arms.

Many patients who have lost a great deal of weight still have excess tissue in their upper arms, creating “bat wings” that make them hesitant to show their arms.  No matter how much you exercise your arms, these flaps of extra skin won’t go away. Fortunately, an arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, can remove this excess, loose skin, giving your arms a more streamlined and toned appearance.  During the procedure, an incision is made in an inconspicuous location, allowing Dr. Stephan to remove skin and underlying tissue and pull it tight before closing the incision.  When you heal, you can expect a stark transformation of your arms and the disappearance of these unsightly skin flaps!

Thighplasty Surgery Will Give Your Legs a Lift and Help You to Feel Great in Your Clothes!

While weight-loss is great, it can lead to unattractive bulges of excess skin and stubborn fat that may prevent you from feeling comfortable in your clothes. You deserve to feel good about your body, and a thighplasty can improve the contour of your legs so that you can feel confident showing them. By removing excess, sagging tissue and pulling the skin taut, Dr. Stephan can reduce “saddle bags” and problems such as rubbing of the upper thighs.  Liposuction may also be used as part of the thigh lift procedure to address any stubborn fat pockets that have been resistant to your weight loss efforts.

After a thighplasty, your legs will be more proportioned with the rest of your body, giving you an overall improved and more balanced silhouette!

An Abdominoplasty Can Flatten and Smooth Your Stomach.

One of the most difficult areas for many people to target during weight loss is the stomach, and it is common to have extra tissue that hangs over the belt line even if you have met your weight loss goals. With an abdominoplasty, this extra skin and stubborn fat cells can be permanently removed! Also known as a tummy tuck, this cosmetic surgery can give you a lean and toned stomach.

During this procedure, an incision is created in the natural fold of the skin, which helps to reduce the visibility of your scar. Excess skin can be removed, and liposuction may be used to get rid of fatty tissue. An important part of this surgery is that Dr. Stephan can repair the underlying muscle structure of the abdomen, which may be damaged from previous pregnancies or weight gain.  Once the incision is closed and the body heals, your midsection will be much smoother, smaller, and contoured to complement your natural body shape.

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss Should be Performed When You Are Close to
Your Target Weight.

Whichever procedure(s) you may be considering, it is important to note that they are appropriate when you are close to or at your ideal weight, as continued weight loss can affect your skin. If you are not yet there, you should wait to undergo any of these aesthetic surgeries so that you can obtain the best possible outcomes.

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