Breast Implant Decisions: Incisions, Material, and Size

Are you unsatisfied with your breasts due to genetics, aging, or the effects of weight loss or childbirth? If so, you may already be considering the possibility of having a breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation procedures have improved dramatically over the past decade and are now safer and more natural-looking as well as require less recovery time. If you’ve decided that breast augmentation may be a good decision for you, it’s time to start considering a few different types of choices you’ll need to make once it is time to book your surgery. Though your cosmetic surgeon will help guide you to make the best decisions, you can still begin researching and thinking about the type of materials, incisions, and size of implants you will want.

Breast Implant Material

 Most aesthetic surgeons, including Dr. Stephan, use a variety of different types of implants to best fit their patients’ needs and desired results. Material types range from soft gels to highly cohesive gel implants that maintain their shape under a broad range of circumstances. While some materials will look rounder and perkier, others will have more of a natural shape that results in a natural appearance.

Breast Implant Incisions

 Choosing the best type of incision ensures that your implant is placed in the most strategic location and leaves the minimum amount of scarring. Dr. Stephan normally uses either a periareolar incision that goes around the bottom of the areola or an inframammary incision that is made at the lower breast crease. Depending on your anatomy, the size of your implant, and the desired result, Dr. Stephan will help you choose the best type of incision for your procedure. He also uses devices called Keller funnels with both types of incisions. These devices ensure the implant does not touch the patient’s skin and minimizes handling, both of which improves the safety of the procedure. With these funnels, the surgeon can utilize smaller incisions and reduce the chances of the implant becoming deformed or too firm.

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the right size of breast implant is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your augmentation surgery. To make the right one, you should consider the following:

Your Anatomy 

Some women have a broader torso and shoulders and are therefore able to choose larger implants without fear of looking unnatural or developing back or shoulder problems. Your surgeon will evaluate your anatomy and body shape when you come in for a consultation and recommend a range of implant sizes that would be safe and natural choices.

Your Lifestyle

While larger breasts are desirable for many women, they do come with some caveats. If you are highly active and regularly engage in activities like running, lifting, or swimming, you may find that large breasts will hamper your lifestyle. Make sure you speak with your surgeon about your level and preferred types of activity so he can recommend a size that will not hinder it.

Before and After Photos

Looking at before and after photos of other women shaped similarly to you and who have undergone surgery is a good way to determine what size of implant you will be most satisfied with. If you can, you should even talk to a few of these women to ask them about their satisfaction with their breast size post-surgery.

How a Consultation Can Help You Make Decisions

Many of the decisions you will make about your breast surgery will be guided by your cosmetic surgeon as he has the expertise and knowledge to help choose the right type of incision and give you parameters on the type and size of implant that will be the best fit for your desired results. When you consult with Dr. Stephan, you will know you are getting advice from a true leader in the field of breast surgery. He can thoroughly explain the different options to you and listen to any concerns you have for your procedure. After performing a physical evaluation, he can also make recommendations for the size of implants that will best fit your lifestyle and look the most natural on your body type.

If you’re ready to improve your self-confidence by addressing breast dissatisfaction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephan today.